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Fidelity Life Reviews

For 125 years, Fidelity Life has been making life insurance more accessible and affordable for American families. Since 1896, we’ve worked at the forefront of our field, creating a legacy of thoughtful service and innovative solutions. We’re dedicated to working together with you and your family, meeting your needs at every age and stage of life so you can have peace of mind.

Our user-friendly and industry-leading process, range of innovative and flexible products, and superior service have earned 5-star Trustpilot ratings from customers across the country.

Looking for insurance reviews on Fidelity Life from actual people? Here’s why everyday Americans and their families turn to our life insurance company to help protect what matters to them.

A simple process

Get covered quickly and easily without leaving your home. Fidelity Life offers free, instant online quotes and a team of experienced agents who can help you compare options over the phone and walk you through the process. With some of our plans, you can complete your policy purchase online and start your coverage the same day.

Fidelity Life reviews on our process

"I fully expected this to be a long, drawn out process of nonsense and up-selling. I could not have been more wrong. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, good natured and concerned with my actual needs. Each step of the process was quick and efficient. I appreciated everyone’s assistance to get the coverage I needed to ensure my families future."

– Maureen

"My agent was the friendliest person I talked to throughout my search for the right insurance and company for me. They were very quick to respond and made everything move along so smoothly. The process was easy, and the rates were great."

– Lisa D.

"We were contacted almost immediately, and everything - the application process and question/answer segments, document signing - was all handled via phone or digitally. If we had any questions, we asked them and received instant answers. The entire process was super simple and extremely fast - by the end of the evening, we felt comfortable knowing we had made our best decision."

– Felipe

George Otero

I was shopping around looking for a reasonable price, but I also wanted a company that has a good reputation. Fidelity Life made the process really easy, and I can tell they care about me.

No medical exams (or simple ones)

Fidelity Life’s goal is to make getting covered fast and convenient, especially when it comes to your medical exam. We don’t make you wait for results to get financial protection. With our plans, you can often get some coverage right away. Some of our term, permanent, and final expense policies even allow you to delay or waive the exam altogether.

Worried about health issues or don’t have time to wait? We offer no-exam options for even quicker coverage.

Fidelity Life insurance customer reviews of our medical exam process

"Quick easy and fast. Simple medical questions and great price!"

– Alex

"My husband and I were looking for a life insurance policy and didn't want to spend a fortune or have to jump through hoops to get approved for a policy. Well, my husband was approved instantly without a medical exam, I was approved after medical exam which happened within a week. Everyone was extremely helpful along the way, and feel we were approved with great coverage with ease. So far I recommend Fidelity and the co companies involved to anyone looking for life insurance at a great cost."

– Elizabeth F.

"Excellent, quick customer service. I had to have a health exam and it was probably the easiest and most Stress free exam I have ever had."

– Hayley

"The agents were great and helpful with understanding the policies. The medical exam was peaceful and convenient in my own home and I appreciate Fidelity Life for setting that arrangement up with me! Excellent customer service!"

– Alisha L.

A variety of options

We offer plans for every age and stage of life, whether you’re a single individual, family, or senior. From term and permanent insurance plans to final expense insurance, our products give you the coverage you need when you need it. You can also customize your insurance by choosing from a range of coverage amounts, term lengths, exam or no-exam policies, and optional additions.

Fidelity Life term and permanent life insurance reviews

"Super easy to get new life insurance policies in place. Great rates too! My wife and I travel frequently in our own airplane. It's not easy (or cheap) to find a policy that does not exclude general aviation participation. Fidelity Life met our needs. Thanks!"

– Donald

"I am retiring this year and was looking to replace the insurance I would be losing when I left my job. I was contacted by a Fidelity agent and she went over some policies with me. I asked for a couple days to make a decision and compare with other companies. I made the decision to go with Fidelity because they offer a great package with the best price. Amanda the agent was extremely helpful, she explained everything, answered all my questions and was friendly and professional through the process."

– Corinne

"I recently contacted the office to discuss additional coverage mentioned in my new policy. Your representative was courteous, professional, and very effective. Thank you for excellent service, Fidelity Life Association."

– Sylvia

"Agent very helpful. Wanted to replace a policy I had with a less expensive one. Fidelity Life did that for me, where others did not. Very grateful."

– Neil

Angelique Washington

Fidelity Life has a very good reputation of serving long-standing customers and delivering on promises. I felt supported in picking a policy that met my personal needs. This was the best choice I could invest in for life insurance.

Helpful and caring customer service

With 125 years of experience at our backs, we know how to serve those who need us most. Fidelity Life’s commitment to a customer-first approach has made us a 3-time winner of Newsweek’s Customer Service Award. Whether you have questions about life insurance or want to pick the right plan for your unique needs, our agents will be with you every step of the way. We’re here to help.

What customers think of our service

"You literally don’t have to do anything. They set up and organize everything for you at your convenience, based on YOUR price and needs. You tell them what you want, they lay out all your options in an easy transparent way. You make your choice and they make it happen. Very proactive but not in a pushy way... it’s more accommodating than anything. At your service type of thing. Helpful and informative NOT pushy or obnoxious. Excellent service by everyone involved from start to finish. Highly recommend."

– Nadia

"The company who dealt with me was kind and informative. They provided quality information in a timely manner and did not waste my time."

– Rodney

"Excellent customer service. Quick and efficient."

– Jeffrey

Carmen A. Garcia

My agent was very patient and explained my options thoroughly. He worked with me to find an affordable policy I could pay even on a fixed income.

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