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Inflation Rider

Keep your accidental death benefit policy in line with cost-of-living increases over time.

Is this rider a good fit for me? An inflation rider is a good option if:
    • You want to ensure the beneficiaries of your accidental death benefit policy are financially protected, regardless of inflation.
    • You can manage a small premium increase for a long-term benefit.
What is an inflation rider?

Worried that your insurance policy value might not keep up with inflation over time? There’s a rider for that – the inflation rider is designed to help boost the value of your life insurance policy by 25% by the its sixth year in effect, to better protect your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

These increases in payable death benefits are designed to help defray the effect inflation has on your policy value. Due to inflation, a death benefit may have significantly less purchasing power than it had when originally purchased it. By adding an inflation rider to your Fidelity Life stand-alone accidental death benefit policy, you can increase the accidental death benefit and help your policy maintain its value.

Quick Answers to Common Questions

  • A rider is supplemental to your life insurance policy. It amends the policy to include optional terms or conditions. Riders may increase premiums, but they can offer additional benefits and expanded coverage.

  • When you add an inflation rider to your policy, you pay only a small amount in additional premiums for an increase in death benefits. Typically, the increase starts in the second year of your policy with an increase in value that is equal to 5% the original worth of the policy. The 5% increase is repeated for four more years, meaning that the final policy worth is increased by a total of 25%. After the final increase, the death benefit remains level for the life of the policy.

    Inflation riders are common in the world of long-term care insurance (when you buy a policy as a way to save against the possibility you will need long-term care in your declining years), but is also useful for standard life insurance policyholders. As long as inflation doesn’t mean the cost of things rises more than 25% over the life of your policy, the death benefit will retain its buying power. This can be invaluable if the policy is meant to help pay off a mortgage or fund college for your beneficiaries after your death.

  • An inflation rider can be added to a Fidelity Life standalone accidental death benefit policy.

  • With a Fidelity Life Accidental Death Benefit rider, you don’t need a medical examination to obtain an inflation rider on our standalone accidental death benefit policy.

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