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Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Expand your life insurance coverage with an additional payout if you die as the result of a covered accident.

Is this rider a good fit for me?

You may want to add an accidental death benefit rider to your life insurance policy to provide extra protection for your beneficiaries in case of a serious accident. Of course, it’s difficult to predict when accidents will happen. That’s why adding an accidental death benefit rider to your policy can give you and your family more financial security in a worst case scenario.

Though the accidental death benefit rider can be beneficial for anyone, it’s especially useful for people at a higher risk of accidents, including workers in high-risk occupations. People in high-risk occupations can include construction workers, airplane pilots, first responders, and more.

An accidental death benefit rider is a good option if:

  • You are between the ages of 20 and 65 and need accidental death coverage between $50,000 and $300,000.
  • You select a RAPIDecision® Senior Life term or RAPIDecision® Senior Whole Life product.
  • You want coverage available without a medical exam.

What is an accidental death benefit rider?

An accidental death benefit rider extends your life insurance benefits to include an additional payout if you die as the result of a covered accident or within 90 days of that accident. If this happens, your family will receive a lump sum cash payment based on the coverage amount of your policy and your rider. 


Your family can use this money for anything they need, such as replacing your income, paying the mortgage, covering credit card bills and other debts, paying for your funeral or other end-of-life costs, or saving for the future. A Fidelity Life accidental death benefit rider is available for individuals ages 20 to 65 and offers coverage between $50,000 and $300,000. 


The accidental death benefit rider insurance is a guaranteed issue product, so you can get it without a medical exam. Full benefits are paid until age 70 and then are reduced to 50% of the face amount until the policy expires at age 80. For additional peace of mind, you can extend coverage to spouses and dependent children through Fidelity Life’s riders.

Coverage alternatives to accidental death riders

If you’re looking for a policy that specifically pays out in the case of an accident, the main  alternative to accidental death riders is the standalone accidental death benefit policy. This policy is available to most people who need affordable protection and coverage for themselves and their family.

As an alternative, some people opt for term life insurance instead of an accidental death policy, since just 6% of all deaths in the U.S. are accidental. So, it’s much more likely that you’ll die of natural causes, which wouldn’t be covered by an ADB policy or rider. Term life often includes a medical exam and comes with more qualifying criteria than ADB, which is why some people go the ADB route instead. Fidelity Life has a wide range of options available to meet a variety of needs, even if you’re not in perfect health.

If you’d like help deciding which life insurance option makes the most sense for you and your family, talk to a Fidelity Life insurance agent about your options.

Comparing accidental death riders vs. policies

Wondering about the differences between an ADB rider and a standalone ADB policy? Here’s a closer look at the two types of coverage.

How To Buy

You can buy a standalone ADB policy without purchasing other types of coverage, which can make it a good fit for people who may not qualify for a traditional term or permanent life insurance. As long as you’re between 20 and 59 years old, you’re guaranteed to be approved. With no required medical exam, the application takes just minutes to complete. Fidelity Life’s ADB policies offer coverage amounts between $50,000 and $300,000.

With an ADB rider, you’ll add the coverage to a life insurance policy to provide extra protection. If you die because of an accident, the rider will provide an additional payout. When shopping for life insurance, your carrier can let you know which policies include the option to add an ADB rider.

What It Covers

An ADB policy and an ADB rider generally cover the same things: a covered accidental death or a covered death within 90 days of an accident. An accidental death benefit generally covers accidents like car crashes, falling from a building while working in construction, being crushed to death by machinery, and other instances that are fatal and clearly accidental. In some cases, ADB may cover severe injuries as the result of an accident. Refer to your life insurance policy or ask an agent to understand precisely what’s included with your coverage.

Questions about accidental death benefit riders

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